Iris Shields

Small Business Web Design

I love Small Business Web Design, I can relate to small business because... I am a small business owner!

That said; I have worked with many differen size businesses, so even if you have a bigger company, I am still able to help.

To me, my client relationships are important. I'd like to get to know my clients, at least to a certain extend, to be able to design and build a website that matches their needs. I also like to get to know the customers of my clients in order to create something that speaks to them. To build trust, I think it is important for me to open up as well about who I am and what do I stand for. And this page is here to break the ice :)

I enjoy life to the fullest, I love what I do for "work", I love being a webdesigner and web developer, and I love what I do outside of "work".

My horse

I have a lovely Thoroughbred mare, every now and then she loves to misbehave ;) but most of the time she is a great joy to be with and ride. We ride on trails, ride dressage and we jump, and we even enter competitions here and there.

Just a star, rising to the top


On the beach


My dogs Milo and Zoie

Milo, Zoie (the tiny one) and I love to go on long hikes. Sometimes we stay away for hours. Our last walk was a 4 hour hike.

Leader of my life

I like to live and lead my life to the fullest, I live my life by my own design!

Explore the US on two wheels

I have been riding a motorcycle for a little over a year now, I love exploring far places and taking long rides. This is in the Mojave desert.

My two wheels

In the Las Vegas desert.


Besides riding my big bike, I also love to shred on my dirt bike :)

Beautiful sunsets

And who doesn't love a beautiful horse and a beautiful sunset...

Rock climbing

Another great outdoor activity I love to spend time on.

Yes, that is me